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Portage Biotech, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that identifies, finances, and develops best-in-class or first-in-class early-to-mid stage products.  Portage chooses products with established scientific rationales and either creates management teams to develop these assets or augments a company’s existing management teams.  Portage creates much of its value by developing pre-proof of concept assets through proof of concept (POC).  Big Pharma is generally interested in acquiring or licensing assets only after POC.

Through Management’s extensive experience within Pharma, Portage is able to access a broad network of drug development professionals who through experience can determine the optimum development pathway for each compound, skewing the Portage’s risk/reward profile.  Management have over 80 combined years of experience in biotech, have overseen the development of 5 separate billion-dollar drugs, have built multiple companies valued in excess of 10 billion dollars, have taken 4 companies public, and have executed numerous multi-million dollar licenses with Big Pharma. Furthermore, Portage have access to an associated network of talent familiar with latest scientific and medical developments that can be brought into the development programs.

Portage selects products that can be de-risked by carefully designed and often inexpensive clinical trials that either establish an attractive product profile or terminate the development program. Since Portage invests in a portfolio of products, it is incentivized to terminate non-performing development programs early in order to divert capital to successful programs or new opportunities. Portage’s business model relies upon adding value to its portfolio through operational support as well as capital and has the flexibility to deploy part-time or full-time expertise for each investment based on the unique requirements of that project. Our board, our advisors and the management team have access to extraordinarily senior quality personnel that give us a competitive advantage.

Portage believes that by acquiring or investing in an additional 5 to 7 exciting biotech products or companies it can offer institutional investors a unique, diversified well-managed portfolio in one of the best performing sectors of the market in the last 5 years. Biotech and Pharma are non-cyclical, with high alpha and clearly defined risk and reward metrics.  The company is developing therapies, not distributing them, so it provides a valuable service for the big pharmaceutical companies that need more and more products for their sophisticated distribution network.